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Are these products manufactured under same stringent regulations like other electronic products like, TV and other home appliances?

Not all Bidet manufacturer offer products with CE, or other US/Canadian industrial Symbols of sound manufacturing and safety practices. Our electronic bidet seat comes with recognized manufacturing symbols from European, Canadian and American bodies. Our offerings’, manufacturing and safety standards have been confirmed by industry standards e.g., ISO 9001, ISO14001, UL, CE and Watermark. We strongly recommend that buyers should take it an important consideration while selecting products.

Although very useful for personal hygiene these products cost quite a lot. How could I Justify investing in these products?

A household may in fact be able to recover all his cost in as little as one year time when compared with the amount of money spent on toilet tissues every month. Moreover, the value you draw from the use of the electronic bidet seat surpasses the tissue paper by leaps and bounds.

Is the installation difficult – how long would it take me to an average person to install it?

Installation of electronic bidet seat is based on DIY principle and hence is pretty simple especially when installation instructions are followed properly. Installation is a 5 steps process.

  1. Unscrew and remove the existing toilet seat.
  2. Shut down the valve for the water supply to toilet tank and replace the existing flexi pipe with a ‘T’ and two new flexi pipes to the two ends of the ‘T’(all parts are provided in the installation kit along with detailed instructions). Hook one of these pipes to the toilet’s water tank and the other to the Advanced Bidet seat. Please follow instruction supplied with the installation kit.
  3. Now put the mounting plate on the toilet’s seat holes and fasten it using the bolts provided.
  4. 4. Slide the electronic bidet seat on the mounting plate until locked securely and turn on the valve for the water supply.
  5. Insert power plug in a properly ground fitted (GFI) wall socket to provide power.

I don’t own the place I live. Can I remove the toilet seat and take it to the house when I move out?

Absolutely – These are portable seats and could be taken with you to another location without much hassle. Removing is as simple as installing the Bidet seat.

There are so many similar products with different names. What is the difference between them?

Not all products are same. Be aware that some of the products in the market neither confirm to European industrial standards nor are fit to be used in UK. Moreover, some of the products are based on old technology. Be careful in selecting the electronic bidet toilet seat. We guarantee you one of the best products in features, size and pricing.

Are these products safe to use?

Yes, absolutely however just like any other electronic device children should be supervised until they become fully aware of the usage and care of the product. You must follow all instructions in the installations, user manuals and printed at the back of the seat.

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